Limited Time Offers

When I started at Kohl's, one of the major opportunities I pinpointed for the email program was integrating animation. Not only does it break up the monotony, but it also adds an element of whimsy connecting to the customer at her emotional core. Our business partners were skeptical at first, but when they saw that we had doubled the sales numbers, their minds changed quickly.



Our best performance was when we achieved results 900% better than last year’s sales with this chalkboard limited time offer. The chalkboard email happens to be an instance where I pushed myself especially far. For me, ideas have always come easily, but figuring out how to make the type turn into dust and realistically fall was not something I’d attempted before. Never the less, I had previous experience with After Effects, and had identified “Particles” as plug-in that would help me accomplish my goal. A couple tutorials and a few hours later, I had blown my own mind! Rendering out frames from the animation, (as we didn’t have CS6 yet,) I sequenced them and then cut them down as much as possible to maintain the integrity of the creative, while balancing load time.



Other Examples